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Our Training Camp is designed and customized specifically for your dog and your goals. We focus on modifying any behavior problems that we see or that you tell us about, we teach and perfect obedience commands, basic manners, general socialization and we take your dog on field trips so it gets work in the real world… We never have more than three dogs in our Training Camp at one time so that we can give your dog the attention it deserves. The duration of camp varies depending on your goals, your dog's rate of learning and previous training. All of our Training Camp Programs include follow up training and free group classes.

Enlightened Dog Camp 
Designed with the “perfect pet” in mind. We will cover all the obedience basics (sit, down, stay, come, walking on a loose leash, leave it, etc..), solving and preventing problem behaviors (jumping, chewing, potty training, etc…), basic manners and general socialization. This program also includes unlimited group classes, one Specialty Group class, a Canine Good Citizen Examination and a year of follow up training!

Sublime Canine Camp 
This is the ultimate package! We will cover basic - advanced - off leash obedience, behavior problem solving and prevention, socialization and manners. By naming this program “Sublime”, it is our duty to inspire awe… This program also includes unlimited group classes, unlimited Specialty Group classes, Canine Good Citizen - CGC Advanced Examination, Rattlesnake/ Toad Avoidance Training and a year of follow up training!

Aggression and Rehabilitation Camp 
Sublime Canine prides it’s self on making “bad” dogs Sublime. We have worked from problem pets to euthanasia-listed (e-list) dogs at animal shelters to e-listed dogs that have been pulled from animal shelters by kind hearted people that want to keep the dogs alive… If you have a problem dog, contact Sublime Canine. We can help. 

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